Brochure Management is Africa’s largest tourism information distribution network and was established in Cape Town in 1995.

Today Brochure Management is a growing network of independently owned franchises distributing tourism information to over 4,000 sites throughout Southern Africa.

Brochure Management display sites include: Airports, Tourism Information offices, Car Hires, Hotels, Game Farms, Guest Houses, B&B’s, Golf Estates, Top Tourist attractions, Restaurants, Farm Stalls, One-Stop Garages, Shopping Centres, Action and Adventure activities and many more.

Brochures as a Marketing Tool: Brochures make the sale

Brochures are a vital part of the tourism marketing mix, speaking directly to customers at the critical point where they are making the buying decision. Brochures are therefore the major influencer of visitor behaviour – even more so than digital media!

Brochure Management offers highly effective and cost-efficient advertising solutions to fit all budgets. There is flexibility to suit every budget and marketing strategy.

Brochure Management can tailor a brochure display strategy using one of our three pricing structures:

  • ‘Per display’ site selection: Offers clients who want to tailor distribution to target a very particular market. Sites are individually priced and distribution package prices will reflect the number of sites selected.
  • ‘Package’: For clients who wish to take large number of display sites with a broader, more general distribution. Package prices vary according to the grading of display sites.
  • ‘Filler package’: For clients who wish to have a short, sharp, broad distribution, usually for a short-term promotion or event.