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A promotional brochure that is well designed and printed speaks volumes about the quality of the product it advertises.

Tourism promotional brochures require that something special to make them appealing to the market they are targeting.

Brochure Management has award winning expertise in the field of tourism promotional brochure designing and printing. Bringing together teams of branding and advertising capabilities, graphic designers and printers, Brochure Management has put together design and print services that understand the tourism industry, how it’s products and services are marketed, and how to reach target markets using print media.

Delivering exceptional quality at affordable prices, Brochure Management is able to get any tourism product into print, simply and efficiently.

The range of products includes brochures of all sizes, maps, booklets, business cards, stationery, banners and general branding.

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Understanding Printing Jargon

Very often, brochure printing is clouded in techno-speak. Below are some common terms used in brochure design and print:

  • DL – a brochure measuring 99mm X 210mm
  • DDL (also called double DL) – a brochure measuring 198mm X 210mm
  • Triple DL – a brochure measuring 297mm X 210mm designed in three panels and folded to DL size
  • A4 – a standard page size measuring 210mm X 297mmA5 – a standard page size measuring 210mm X 148mm (half an A4 size)
  • Gloss – how shiny the paper is on which a brochure is printed dots per inch, the higher the number the more intense the print
  • Matt – the opposite of gloss
  • Grams – the thickness of paper (80g represents copier paper, 300g represents a single brochure that will stand upright, 350g is ideal for a business card)
  • Jpeg – a format in which photographs and graphic design is saved for easy e-mailing

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